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Bipolarna plasmakinetska endoskopska resekcija tumora bešike i uvećane prostate (Bipolar TUR)

The most effective way to treat superficial bladder tumors and benign prostatic enlargement is with bipolar plasmakinetic resection (Bipolar TUR), which is a common procedure at our hospital. 


Bipolar TUR is the most preferable way of surgical treatment, according to the official guidelines of the European Association of Urology (, 2023).


This technique offers several advantages over traditional monopolar transurethral resection, including a reduced risk of complications such as bleeding, and TUR syndrome. Additionally, bipolar TUR allows precise tissue removal and better visualization, leading to improved outcomes for patients. 

Laser treatment, although commonly used, currently shows no clinical superiority in prostate and superficial bladder tumor surgery, regardless of aggressive marketing, which is quite different from stone treatment, where the laser is a cornerstone of modern treatment. 

Numerous studies have shown that bipolar TUR is effective in the treatment of superficial bladder tumors and prostate. It offers excellent outcomes with minimal complications, making it the gold standard for these procedures (Uroweb 2013). 

Bipolar TUR is performed in our institution as a one-day procedure because of hemostatic superiority. Pathohistological verification is the most reliable; blood transfusion is exceptional (although possible in our institution), without time limits for the procedure.

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