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Lasersko razbijanje kamena u bubregu

Usage of Flexible Endoscopy with a holmium laser

With a long history of usage in medicine, laser is an acronym for the English phrase "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation." Lasers have been widely used in urology since the year 2000, and groundbreaking treatments have started. 

The destruction of tissue or stone is a laser's primary property. 


It is our privilege to be able to provide our patients with the most current holmium laser, which is currently the cornerstone in the treatment of stones regardless of location. 

UroExpert Kidney Stones

Urinary stones can vary greatly in terms of their shape, size, hardness, and potential for synchronous or metachronous occurrence. 


Our patients can receive superior care with the available additional procedures and radiological diagnostics (percutaneous nephrostomy, antegrade and retrograde radiography, etc.) in our institution. 

The world's top urology institutes and clinics routinely use holmium lasers. 

The treatment is carried out as a day surgery through the natural holes of the body without perforations of the skin.


Using a rigid or flexible endoscope and a laser fiber for energy transfer, the approach is carried out. Comparing the procedure to extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), it is noticeably more effective. 

The stone may break up into extremely small pieces (dusting), which are naturally removed. The stone baskets can be used to remove the larger shards. Internal stenting may be included in the procedure to facilitate the elimination of the stone. 

All surgical treatments may result in complications, but they are typically minor and include pain, hematuria (blood in the urine), temperature or rarely ureteral damage. However, thanks to extensive clinical experience, all of them could be resolved. 


The stone disease can return in a considerable number of cases; however, because the surgery is conducted minimally invasively, there are no scars and repetitive procedures can be easily performed if necessary. 

The included video may show demonstration of the laser technique. The laser treatment for dissolving and removing kidney stones is demonstrated in the film for its accuracy and efficacy. Compared to time consuming conventional surgical techniques, this cutting-edge technology allows more effective recovery of the patient.

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