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UroExpert team

About UroExpert

Our way of working, besides using the latest technology and years of experience and knowledge, also requires empathy towards our patients with whom we are solving all their urology problems.

Mission and vision

Mission of UroExpert hospital is to provide comprehensive and modern urology treatments to our patients. We acknowledge their needs and treat them with respect, dealing along with the most sensitive problems they could encounter.


Vision of UroEpxert hospital is to be a hospital with the most modern urology practice and raise a bar for new, better standards in urology treatment, simultaneously being a safe space for each and every patient.

Our Team

Expert urology team in UroExpert is lead by Professor Dr. Ivan M. Ignjatović and Professor Dr. Milan B. Potić, both representing a second generation of urology experts in the family. Both have been educated on the most prestigious urology-oriented universities of the world and are best in class for any kind of urology problems. They are authors of numerus texts published in international magazines, reviewers in international urology magazines and are authors and coauthors of several textbooks. Last, but not least, is the sheer knowledge, experience and patient oriented practice.

Professor Dr Ivan M. Ignjatovic
Prof. Dr Ivan M. Ignjatović
Professor Dr Milan B. Potic
Prof. Dr Milan B. Potić
UroExpert Logo
Prim. Dr Branko Potić

Medical staff

UroExpert Mirela Milosevic
Mirela Milošević - head nurse
UroExpert Marija Miletic
Marija Miletić - nurse
UroExpert Olivera Dikic
Olivera Dikić - nurse
Tijana Džudović - nurse
Anica Erić - nurse
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