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Dijagnostičke usluge

UroExpert Ultrasound

Ultrasonography and Color Doppler

Ultrasound is a fundamental diagnostic technique in urology. Our facility utilizes cutting-edge ultrasound equipment for both diagnostic and ultrasound-guided interventional treatments (biopsy, percutaneous nephrostomy, punctures etc.).  It is typically conducted in conjunction with clinical evaluation to provide patients with a more informative assessment.

Clinical Investigation

Clinical examination is a fundamental clinical evaluation in all medical specialties, including urology. It is typically conducted occasionally  together ultrasonography, but it is not required.

UroExpert Clinical investigation

Laboratory Assessments

All laboratory results tailored to the specific demands of urology patients are readily available.


Our clinic offers comprehensive diagnostics for male sterility and preparation for in vitro fertilization.

All laboratory results for in vitro fertilization are accessible at our clinic.

Testicular ultrasonography and Doppler for Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

Testicular ultrasonography is the cornerstone of testicular pathology diagnosis.


Our facility offers both testicular ultrasonography and Doppler diagnosis. All non-typical testicular lesions can be biopsied. Doppler ultrasonography is very essential in the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction. The usual diagnosis of erectile dysfunction includes a Prostaglandin test (PGE1 test) conducted using Color Doppler ultrasonography.

Testicals Ultrasound exemination

When it comes to testicular illness, ultrasound is most reliable way to diagnose the illness.

Cystoscopy and Additional Procedures

Cystoscopy is a diagnostic technique for disorders affecting the bladder and urethra (outflow bladder channel). Due to the discomfort associated with these operations, they are always conducted under local anaesthetic; nonetheless, medical reasons or patient intolerance may necessitate the use of short-term general anesthesia. Interventional procedures (ureteral catheterization, biopsy, etc.) are also feasible during a cystoscopy.

Flexible and Inflexible Ureteroscopy

Ureteroscopy is a technique for examining the inside of the upper urinary system. During these treatments, it is also possible to do biopsy, lithotripsy, etc. All of these operations are performed painlessly under brief general anesthesia.

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